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Rocket takes on Dragon role at the Grove School

We were delighted recently to be taking part as Dragons with client, Eva of Mincher-Lockett & Co. Opticians, and festival partner, Charlotte of Fordhall Farm, at the Grove School for the Ryman National Enterprise Challenge! Congratulations to all the students who took part. See us here in the Shropshire Star. We look forward to [...]

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Ginger and Spice Festival Highlights

Our client, Ginger and Spice Festival, have released their highlights of the 2018 festival. Click here to take a look! We are delighted to be working with this award winning, community based, annual food festival, which takes place in and around Market Drayton in North Shropshire. Over the next few weeks we will be [...]

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Goldstone Hall Hotel achieves AA Breakfast Award

AA Breakfast Award for Goldstone Hall Hotel Our client, Goldstone Hall Hotel, has recently received an AA Hotel Services Breakfast Award for 2019. The award is given in recognition of high quality breakfast with an emphasis on the very best locally soured ingredients cooked with skill and passion.

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Mincher-Lockett & Co win UK Fashion Practice of the Year

Rocket’s client, Mincher-Lockett & Co Opticians, wins UK Fashion Practice of The Year The Optician Magazine recently celebrated the best of optical industry at the Optician Awards 2019. Winning an Optician Award is one of the highest accolades for optical professionals, practices and companies to achieve and helps them to gain the recognition [...]

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Whale Sharks – why they matter

It will be no news to you that our oceans are overdrawn, threatening countless communities around the world with climate, economic and food insecurities. Not only this, right now 12.7 million tonnes of plastic ends up in our oceans every year (quote: Greenpeace) causing a devastating effect on marine life and their eco-systems. The good [...]

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Great Design for Business Growth

In our previous blogs we have been discussing the importance of great graphic design for business growth. In this blog we have the pleasure of featuring an interview with Shropshire based graphics designer, Matthew Mills, of Mills Graphics Design:- Q1. What originally made you want to become a graphics designer? If you ask my mother, [...]

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Great design keeps your brand memorable

First Impressions In life, first impressions do matter, and it is no exception when it comes to design. How something, or someone looks, is our first experience of them and typically influences how we make a judgement. Therefore how your logo, marketing materials and website look is important in communicating the values behind your brand [...]

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Great design matters!

For marketeers, design plays an essential part in the persuasion process. Great design sells products and is one of the most important things to consider when creating or reviewing your brand identity. The Value of Design, Fact Finder Report Businesses that add value through their design see a greater impact on their profits than [...]

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RockIT Events sponsor Ginger and Spice Festival 2017

First Annual Ginger and Spice Festival We are delighted to be sponsoring the first annual Ginger and Spice Festival taking place from Wednesday 27th to Saturday 30th September in Market Drayton, Shropshire. This brand new food and drink festival will be celebrating the culinary, heritage and historical links of spices, food [...]

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‘Wild Shropshire Foraging Walk’ with James Sherwin

Join local Shropshire Chef, James Sherwin, of the acclaimed Wild-Shropshire-Series of sell-out 'Pop Up' Restaurants, on a guided wild foraging walk around Market Drayton as part of the brand new Ginger and Spice Festival in Market Drayton.  James will lead a guided walk around the town including [...]

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