Are you a mirco, small or medium sized business struggling to know how best to spend your marketing budget? You are not alone. Many small business owners are so busy and consumed developing their products, services and managing their staff that their marketing and communication plans can easily get buried or become an afterthought.

Telling Others

However, not communicating about your business can have a disastrous impact over time. It is up to you to tell others about what you do, and at Rocket, we like to sing it from the roof tops!

We recommend implementing a scheduled timetable for your communication outputs for the year which aligns with your business plan. This way, even if you are stretched and incredibly busy, you will be reminded to focus on your marketing for at least a few hours a week.

Earned Media

For those on limited budgets combining earned, owned, and paid media can help attract, nurture and close leads.   While all three media efforts are important to your overall goals and should converge in your strategy, there are still distinct differences.

Earned media, or earned content, refers to publicity gained through promotional effort including material written about you or your business that you haven’t paid for or created yourself. Although this type of media is always published by a third party, there are ways you can position your business for earned media opportunities.

Examples of earned media are reviews of your business or products on another’s blog; a review by a social media influencer or editorial articles in newspaper and magazines.

How to achieve Earned Media?

Earned media doesn’t just happen! Your brand or business has to do something well to earn it. This can take many forms but the most important thing is that you tell others about it once it has happened.  Not only does it bolster your credibility but it builds trust between you and your customers.

Looking for some advice on how best to plan your marketing or communication?

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