Rocket Communications and Events Ltd is a business which offers cost effective, creative and comprehensive communication services to micro, small to medium sized businesses within the rural economy, or situated in a rural location.

Our mission is to provide an excellent service for our clients and help them build, manage and grow their reputation through creative communications solutions.

We are committed to working with businesses and organisations which are aligned to our values, ethos and way of doing business.

Our values are:

Integrity – we are honest, open, ethical, reliable and respectful. We are committed to supporting a sustainable planet.

Curiosity – we have inquisitive minds and believe that ongoing learning is essential for delivering excellence

Creativity – we promote bold innovation and courageous creative expression

Passion – we are passionate and enthusiastic about the planet, rural life, our clients and the industries they serve, plus our own industry

Excellence – we strive to deliver the very best we can on a daily basis, sometimes against adversity. We partner with those who also embody this value.